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MIG exists to serve the Memphis-area real estate investment community. Our mission is to provide our members the education, training, motivation and networking opportunities that will further the ethical investment in real estate.


If you think the price of education is expensive consider the cost of ignorance.

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Lynn & Troy McDonald

Lynn & Troy McDonald     
Troy and Lynn are Allstate agents that between the two of them, have over 60 years of insurance experience,  Troy started in the claims department but became a "Booth" agent in 1978 (remember the Allstate booths at the Sears stores).  He started his own agency in 1985 at 5055 Elmore Road where the agency remains today with son Erin at the helm.

Troy was the State of Tennessee Allstate Agent of the year many years and eventually was on Allstate's National Speakers Bureau where he talked to agents across the nation about how to build their agencies.  He met his wife Lynn, a Wisconsin Allstate agent, in 1995 at Line Leaders, a national awards seminar where the top three agents from each state meet to be honored and also to learn from other successful agents.
 Lynn & Troy McDonald      Both left the event smitten and had a long distance courtship and eventually a long distance marriage.


Eventually, Lynn sold her Wisconsin agency and came to Memphis full-time in 1999.  She had here own agency in Germantown and sold it in 2003 to join Troys agency and has never left.


The McDonalds have several rental properties and know first hand the challenges Real Estate Investors face.  Having the right insurance with the right coverage can make one aspect of landlording easier.  They also are engrained in the insurance community so if they cannot help you, often they can help you find an agent elsewhere to help.


Both feel that MIG has benefited them greatly, not only bringing them new clients and friendships, but also in helping them be more successful investors and landlords.