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MIG exists to serve the Memphis-area real estate investment community. Our mission is to provide our members the education, training, motivation and networking opportunities that will further the ethical investment in real estate.


If you think the price of education is expensive consider the cost of ignorance.

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Welcome to the Memphis Investors Group (MIG), the heartbeat of the Memphis Real Estate Investment Community.


Founded in 2001, MIG exists to serve the Memphis-area real estate investment community. Our mission is to provide our members the education, training, motivation and networking opportunities that will further the member’s ability to successfully invest in real estate as well as building, strengthening and investing in the community in which we live.


MIG is a full-time, Non-Profit TN association offering its members exciting educational and networking opportunities and an array of money-saving benefits.


Whether you are a beginning investor looking to get started in this exciting area or an experienced investor we can assist you in reaching your goals.

You should know...

  • MIG is NOT a co-op group or investing firm. We do NOT pool our members’ resources for investments NOR do we recommend specific investments to our members.
  • Education is the cornerstone of your success as a real estate entrepreneur. Our primary goal has been and remains to provide an array of educational opportunities and avenues for networking and sharing information. This is accomplished primarily through the course of our monthly membership meetings, workshops, seminars, discussion groups and newsletter.
  • Through a code of ethics, MIG strives to reinforce the practices of responsible property management, project management and generally ethical business practices at all times.


Members and visitors of all levels are welcome and encouraged to come network and learn. Whether you have a budding interest in real estate and want to find out more or you are a “seasoned veteran”, we have much to offer in the Memphis Investors Group.


We encourage you to attend our upcoming monthly meeting.  There is a $25.00 charge for the meeting for non-members.  For your first meeting, if you feel that you that it was not what you expected you may request a refund before you leave that evening.  The $25.00 meeting fee can be applied to you first years dues should you join the night of the meeting if you are a first time visitor.

After your first meeting, there is an admission fee of $25.00 for future meetings unless you become a member.


MIG currently has several levels of membership:
Be a part of the MIG community and take advantage of our ever-expanding array of membership benefits (click for more info on our benefits).  Because MIG is a regional affiliate of the National Real Estate Investors Association, as a MIG member, you can also register for NREIA's benefits, too!  Take a look at their offerings here: New benefits are always being added.
  • Standard MIG Membership calls for an annual investment of $200.00 
  • A spouse or other family member may be added for an additional $100.00 (must be currently living in the same household).

    You may either join MIG by filling out an application and code of ethics at one of our events, or join online right now by clicking here


  • For investors who live more than 75 miles from Memphis but are sold on all our other benefits.
    The cost is $100.
This level of membership is for businesses that believe in the mission and purpose of MIG and support the business of real estate entrepreneurs. They have products/services that are of significant interest and value to our members – often at better deals and/or reduced prices not available to the general public.

We currently have two levels of Corporate Sponsorship available to choose from as an investment in your business. For more info, including our array of benefits available, and to sign up for Corporate Sponsorship, Corporate Sponsor Packet 2021 Aug


Each month the MIG newsletter reaches a select, eager group of active real estate investors and business professionals. If you have a trade, service or business that would benefit from increased exposure to the heart of the Memphis real estate investment community, then you should strongly consider investing in your business through advertising in our monthly newsletter. Our rate schedule is as follows:

AD SIZE [approx.]  

 1 ISSUE [1 month]   

  3 ISSUES [3 months]

  12 ISSUES [12 months]

 1/8 PAGE
 1/4 PAGE
 $75.00  $210.00  $810.00
 1/2 PAGE
 $120.00  $330.00  $1,275.00
 $225.00  $600.00  $2,160.00
 $550.00  $1,200.00  $4,320.00

Set Up Charges
With the exception of pre-printed inserts, all ads submitted for publication must be in a digital format that can be emailed, copied and pasted into Microsoft applications (Like MS Word & MS Publisher). Any ads not submitted in such a format will be assessed a $20 setup charge and the newsletter editor will do his/her best to replicate as closely as possible the author's original piece.

Deadline & Payment
All advertisements must be prepaid and received no later than the 17th of the month for inclusion in the following month's newsletter. Mail check payable to Memphis Investors Group

     4728 Spottswood Ave. #289
     Memphis, TN 38117-4817
Email digital ad to or send a hard copy to physical address above.

Editing and Right of Refusal
MIG reserves the absolute right to edit or refuse any advertisement for any reason at the editor's discretion.

Sponsor Discount - Consider MIG Sponsorship
MIG Corporate Sponsors automatically receive complimentary newsletter advertising as a benefit of their sponsorship. In addition MIG sponsors also receive an additional 10% discount on any additional advertising the may desire to purchase. For more info or questions about newsletter advertising or corporate sponsorship, email