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MIG exists to serve the Memphis-area real estate investment community. Our mission is to provide our members the education, training, motivation and networking opportunities that will further the ethical investment in real estate.


If you think the price of education is expensive consider the cost of ignorance.

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Walter Wofford

Since 1981 Walter Wofford has been an active real estate investor in the Jackson, Mississippi area specializing in the developing of passive income by creating tax-free net worth and cash flow through seller financing in the affordable housing area.

These methods combine note creation, IRA and Retirement Account investing with Trust Entities, and by doing so creates cash flow and builds his net worth plus creating profits both for today and in the

Walter is also focused on improving his local community with Affordable Housing for 1st-time Homebuyers in the Jackson, MS area.

Walter also teaches others to help tenants become homeowners by creating short-term discounted Seller Financed Notes with Trusts and IRAs for cash flow and wealth generation.

Walter has bought and sold over 1,000 houses and renovated neighborhoods in the Central Mississippi area. Combining wholesaling, retailing and IRA investing provides an unbeatable strategy for today...and it can be successfully used in all areas of the country.  See more at

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